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A single number to reach our team - Available 7 days a week from 8AM to 10PM

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Continuing education Our team of massage therapist is always in training, which enables it to renew itself, to keep the momentum of their passion and to always better know how to meet the specific needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. Occasional trainings are offered at a rate of one per month. A theme is proposed, and can focus on specific regions and techniques.
Training for couples You're a couple and want to learn the basics of a massage to help each other. Laurence Méric offers to show you maneuvers that fit your needs and your physical condition. In one day, learn and get a massage, to the delight of your communication. A couple is also a personal business that must be nourished and enriched ... touch is one aspect. Contac Laurence Méric or 514-513-1016
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